The learning environment of Piiru
The entrance is an original part of the house. The porch wall is additionally insulated, as the porch section is uninsulated. During the refurbishment, the passage to the current dry toilet was punctured in the hallway.
Renovation and improvement work in the entrance
1. floor was opened and insulation removed
2. floor supporting structures were checked and repaired
3. floor wind resistance was improved
4. floorboards in good condition were put back in place and the rest of the boards were replaced
5. log wall between entrance and current dry toilet was repaired
6. puncture for the doorway in the current dry toilet was made
7. porch side wall was additionally insulated
8. windows and window frames were refurbished and painted
9. doors were fitted to close properly
10. fixed corner cabinet was moved to its current location in Kissala as a peek cabinet
11. yellow-painted lining paper and old wallpaper were left as a peek window
12. loose paint was removed from the ceiling, and it was repainted
13. walls were backing papered and wallpapered
14. log frame partition was left visible as peek window


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