Piirun oppimisympäristö - In English - Kissala

The learning environment of Piiru

Kissala was built in the 1920s as an enlargement of the house. The construction of the enlargement was built hastily. The logs are inclined because the building hasn't been able to set steadily.
The name ”Kissala” stem from an incident that happened in the 2000s. A large number of cats were left alone in the apartment and they destroyed the floor structures with urine. Because of the smell the floor and all the surfaces had to be dismantled and entirely renewed.
Refurbishment of Kissala
1. the floor structure, apart from the floor beams, had to be dismantled and renewed because of the smell
2. vents were made through the plinth to improve ventilation
3. the surfaces of the walls were removed, the walls were cleaned, and the surfaces were entirely renewed
4. the parts of the ceiling that were water damaged were dropped down, mineral wool was removed and replaced by cellulose board, weather shield paper was installed in the ceiling next to the exterior walls
5. the damaged logs on the walls were fixed
6. the doorway to the porch was widened and a new doorway was opened through the partition wall
7. inside the peek cupboard you can see an incorrect way to join logs
8. in the peek window you can see the wall structure and the t-batten for fire protection
9. the heating system was renewed: a pellet stove and waterborne heating system