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Before the refurbishment started in 2012 the building was without heating for years. The glazing of the wood stove's tiles was damaged. The wood stove and the tiles were conserved and repaired. 
The kitchen floor and the undermost log of the wall were largely rotted due to water damage.
Refurbishment of the kitchen:
  1. the water damage had caused the floor and the undermost log of the wall to rot: rotten wood and the damages were repaired
  2. the floor was dismantled and refurbished: the floor frame and the ground floor boarding were renewed and the floor was insulated with sawdust and cellulose
  3. the old sewerage was removed and a new one was reinstalled through the crawl space to new location: kitchen sink is on the eastern wall
  4. the wood stove was repaired and it is now in working order
  5. the tiles were repaired and the glazing renewed
  6. a peek window: some of the tiles were not repaired. In these tiles you can see what can happen to them when a house is without heating for a long time
  7. the brick wall was recoated
  8. softboards were installed under the wall panels of the exterior walls
  9. the panelling of the southern wall was repaired using recycled wall panelling material
  10. the ceiling and the wall were repainted 
  11. you can find colour charts from old paints on walls, frames, doors and the ceiling
  12. the worktop, the electric kitchen stove and the fridge are all new
  13. waterborne heating system was installed


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