Piirun oppimisympäristö - In English - Parlor

The learning environment of Piiru
The parlor used to be the office of the foremen of timber floating. A beautiful, yet water damaged stencil painting was found on the ceiling under the backing paper. The painting on the ceiling was restored according to the original painting alongside the renovation of Piiru. 
Refurbishment of the parlor
  1. the condition of the floor was evaluated, plastic flooring and boards were removed, extra insulation was added on the floor, the edges were sealed with flax oakum and weather shield paper, the old wood flooring was retained and painted
  2. plastic wallpaper was removed from the eastern wall
  3. softboards were installed on the exterior walls: the old backing paper was left under
  4. the interface between the walls and the ceiling was sealed with flax oakum and weather shield paper
  5. the doorway between the parlor and the current dry toilet was sealed
  6. in the peek window you can see how log structures are attached to each other
  7. backing paper and wall paper were installed on the walls
  8. as peek boards you can see samples of the old wallpapers
  9. the backing paper on the ceiling was badly damaged by water. The backing paper was removed and it revealed a stencil painting.
  10. the original stencil painting was restored with traditional methods
  11. in the peek windows you can see parts of the original painting before restoration
  12. the old paint of the brick stove covered with sheet metal was removed and it was repainted
  13. the room is heated with the brick stove covered with sheet metal and the waterborne heating system